Taylor Lideen

Professional Mountain Biker


Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Taylor Lideen grew up being very involved with sports from a young age. He was riding a bike from the time he was able to stand and that passion for cycling has never faltered. In 2014, he began racing in the enduro scene but knew his heart was really in endurance XC events (with a primary focus on 100 mile, 12 hour and 24 hour solo races).

2016 was Taylor's first year racing the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) 100 mile race series and he remembered why he fell in love with cycling. He secured 3rd place overall in his rookie year and was stoked to grab a couple of wins throughout the season. In 2017, Taylor's decided to step out of his comfort zone and give shorter distance XC racing a try with the Epic Rides series. He is really enjoying the new format of racing, even if it is proving to be a difficult learning curve. He and his wife Mary have been in the process of converting a sprinter van into a mini-RV to make traveling to races more enjoyable and manageable.

Taylor has a complex history of stomach problems which were especially problematic during the long endurance events. He struggled with these issues in his daily life as well, which made his training regimen a tricky obstacle. He never lost the enthusiasm to become a better cyclist though, and was motivated to solve the issue and work to find products that agreed with him. At the end of 2016, he really began to figure out how to address his stomach issues and needed to get his riding nutrition figured out. This was also his first time using Infinit Nutrition and it proved to be a success - he was hooked. After getting custom blends created that are dialed in for his needs, he can now be confident that his stomach will be happy and healthy during training and racing. 


Check out Some Footage of Taylor in This Promo Video:

Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon from Pivot Cycles on Vimeo.