Lockwood Holmes

Professional Paddleboarder

Lockwood Holmes

Lockwood's Major Accomplishments:

• 1st place and WR at 2014 Catalina Classic
• 4th place Davenport Downrider
• 4th place Jay Race
• 5th place Tom Zahn Race
• 1st place Rock2Rock (22.17-mile race)

Lockwood Holmes grew up in the Sunshine State where he  For the majority of his childhood and into college he was involved in team sports. He excelled in football, and was even recruited by The Air Force Academy to play at the collegiate level. But following a serious biking accident, Holmes was forced to sit out for an entire season and eventually transferred to Furman University to finish out his football career.

After college, Lockwood moved to Malibu to pursue a career as a financial advisor. He would eventually become the CEO of the Integrity Financial Corporation. A few members of Lockwood's church community were competing at The Catalina Classic paddleboard race in 2012 and Lockwood decided to look into the sport. Right away, Lockwood fell in love with the sport itself and the community around it. The sport was so appealing because it allowed Lockwood to be out in the ocean as well as test his endurance. 


Lockwood Holmes

Going into 2014, Lockwood was a fairly new paddleboarder. He had very little race experience at the professional level but had the drive to make it far in the sport. As the 2014 Catalina Classic approached, Lockwood continued to work with INFINIT to create the perfect blend of carbs and electrolytes to keep him energized through the race. Lockwood would shock the field of competitors and fans of the sport as he took first place in the stock division. Not only would he take first place, he would also shatter the previous record for the division, beating it by over ten minutes.

In 2015 Lockwood entered the unlimited devision of paddleboarding. Though the level of competition has increased Lockwood has continued to improve and succeed; with back to back top ten finishes at the Catalina Clasic, finishing third in 2016. 


“Joining the team at INFINIT Nutrition and using their products has made a world of difference in my racing. Over years of experience with the one of a kind isotonic products that they provide, I have continued to improve my personal blend as I have improved my ability and performance. While other racers fumble with pre-weighed bags of powder to mix during the race, I save serious time by only needing one 28-ounce bottle of my endurance blend and a small bottle of TRiPWIRE to power through the entire race.”



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