Justin Kreger

Mountain Biker

Athlete Accomplishments:

  • Raced at 2016 US XC National Championships
  • 2016 Cat 1 Michigan State Champ (U29)
  • 2016 Midwest Regional Champion (17-18 Cat 1)
  • 2015 MISCA State Champion (Varsity)
  • 2014 Michigan Cyclocoss state Champion (Juniors)
  • 9th Fatbike Nationals Junior 17-18
  • 2016 MISCA State Campion

At just 7 years old, Justin began racing his mountain bike in the local cross country races and Michigan Cup Endurance series and is now, at 17, a Cat 1 mountain biker.  He has competed in races ranging from super short, high intensity short track, all the way up to 12 hour long endurance races.  Mountain biking isn’t all the cycling he does, he has also raced in stage races such as the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, road, crit, time trial, a few cyclocross races, and even does some track running.  Although he has dabbled in all these disciplines, he is currently focusing on shorter XC style mountain bike races. By focusing his training on the short races, he has finished 4th in a local Pro/elite race, racing the National Championship at Mammoth Mountain, and winning the Midwest Regional Mountain Bike Championships.

According to Justin "Infinit has been a godsend when it comes to the endurance mountain bike races, and I just started using a new custom mix for my shorter races this year and it has helped tremendously.  By eliminating the need to take my focus off the trail to eat or fiddle with gels, I am able to keep the hammer down and stay focused on the race." 

Check Out Justin tearing his way through Hanson Hills: