David Riddle

Ultra Marathon Runner

Riddle Runs

David Riddle has been a competitive distance runner for almost 25 years.  He started running for his high school team in the 7thgrade and then walked on to the track and cross-country team at Auburn University.  After graduation, David moved up to the marathon distance and continued improving eventually running 2:26 to win the Rocket City Marathon in 2009. Riddle Runs 2

Around the same time, David began to find his footing on the trails, particularly in the ultra distances.  In 2011, he had a breakout race at the classic JFK 50 Miler, beating the course record that had stood for 17 years (it has since been reset).  And in 2012 he led the US men’s team with a 5th place finish at the 100km World Championships in Italy.  After a serious injury took him out of competition for almost 2 years, David is back on track, closing in on his 50th career ultra finish.Riddle Finishes

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