Meet Team INFINIT: Caroline Block


Caroline Block grew up in the pool, and in 1998, she was asked to participate in an attempt to set the world record for crossing the English Channel in a junior relay - a relay that did in fact set the record. Caroline went on to be a Division 1 fencer in college. After college, Caroline got back into the pool and went on to compete in Ironman Wisconson 2014.


Since then, Caroline has devoted herself to endurance swimming again. In 2016, Caroline swam across the English Channel, and then 15 days later, swam the North Channel (becoming one of four people to complete that task in the same season, and the one with the shortest turnaround between the two events). At the end of the season, Caroline was a finalist for the 2016 Marathon Swimmers Federation Barra Award, the global marathon swimming award for the best overall year.  


Caroline chooses INFINIT because “It works, and it’s easy for me and my crew. I started using INFINIT while tri training, and didn’t stop when i switched over to a swimming focus.” She added, “I feel lucky to have found INFINIT early on, and have never had to deal with any GI issues while swimming. Because everything I need is in the one mix, INFINIT is also logistically easiest.”





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