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2017 Maverick Multisport Elite Team

Maverick athlete at finishline, text "Maverick Multisport"

Maverick Multisport started in 2012 with 3 pros and 2 age group athletes. Maverick Multisport was created by Team Director Chris Hutchens as way for those 5 USA based athletes at the time to operate under the same banner and leverage the power of numbers in a team setting to help secure sponsorships with companies like INFINIT Nutrition. Maverick has been working with INFINIT since the team’s creation to create biking and running custom nutrition blends for all of their athletes.

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Maverick Multisport

Maverick Multisport team riding together, text "Maverick Multisport"
Maverick Multisport is a team of individuals all working towards one goal, to improve one another in the sport of triathlon and to help the community surrounding the sport.  Maverick is a professional triathlon team based out of the United States that was started by team Director Chris Hutchens in 2012.  The team began as a way for Chris, and three pro triathletes, to secure sponsorship from companies like INFINIT Nutrition.  Today the team has grown to become something Chris had never really imagined.  The team now consists of seven pros, roughly 20 age groupers, and a youth development team to help build up the triathletes of tomorrow.

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