Rob Barlow

"I climbed Colorado’s 100 highest mountains without using a car. While most people who climb in Colorado wake up at about 5,000’ and drive a motor vehicle hundreds of miles to a trailhead at 9,000’ to 11,000’, I did not. On July 1, 2016, I started at the Four-Way trailhead outside of San Luis, Colorado, a full twelve miles north of the New Mexico border. On September 9, 2016, after climbing 104 peaks and biking peak to peak, I summited Longs Peak and finished my journey at the Longs Peak ranger station in Northeast Colorado... This type of feat is known as being “self-powered.” This is because motor vehicles, trains, and even bicycle drafting, were not used during the 2055.6 miles. Colorado has a history of these sorts of feats and I am honored to have added to them."

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