Announcing New and Improved Packaging for Our Recovery Formulas!

Our sleek new designs for :REPAIR and :NOCTURE will be turning heads, plus the eco-packaging uses more than 50% less plastic than our old containers for more environmentally-friendly natural recovery.

PLUS the Updated aero design that has been proven faster in a wind tunnel... Okay maybe they're not tested for aerodynamics, but they look darn good!

Brand NEW Vanilla :REPAIR

You spoke, and we listened. Our classic Chocolate :REPAIR has been a favorite for years. Now we are giving you a whole other reason to love this all-natural protein drink! :REPAIR in creamy all-natural vanilla.

This delicious flavor is light but satisfying, and blends amazingly in smoothies and shakes. Just throw in some fresh or frozen fruits and greens with a serving of vanilla :REPAIR for a refreshing nurition-packed post-workout shake. Or if you're looking for an easy mix-anywhere light recovery drink, just mix a couple scoops in 16 oz of water and go!

PLUS New and Improved :NOCTURNE Formula

We redeigned our delicious nighttime recovery formula, :NOCTURNE. The new formula contains all the benefits of the old formula, plus a new and improved taste and a new protein blend!

:NOCTURNE is better than ever. Blending slow-absorbing casein protein and ultra-pure whey protein isolate for a slow release of amino acids into the bloodstream, allowing your body to continue it's muscle protein repair and synthesis long into the overnight hours. 

Omega-rich ground flax seed has been added to the creamy high-protein formula to give that extra boost of nutrition. The flax provides the body with anti-inflamatory fatty acids and lignans that have an antioxidant effect in the body.

:NOCTURNE is still the only recovery formula that contains natural tryptophan, the amino acid that serves as a precursor for melatonin and serotonin (the relaxation hormones). Combined with a creamy chocolate taste, perfect for satisfying your late night sweet tooth, :NOCTURNE will help you drift off to sleep for a great night of sleep and recovery.