Major Accomplishments:

• One of only 49 men to run a sub 8-hour Ironman with his 7:58.22 time at Arizona
• Currently ranked 3rd in the world Ironman Standings
• Has started off 2016 with three straight first place finishes
• First place finishes in Ironman Florida and Arizona
• Placed first in 16 of his 18 races in 2013


In August of 2015, INFINIT Nutrition was proud to welcome one of the top triathletes in the world to team INFINIT, Lionel Sanders. Today, he is ranked 3rd in the world Ironman rankings and is one of the best athletes in the world. Since joining the team, Lionel has been in constant contact with INFINIT to continuously adjust his biking and running endurance formulas to create the perfect blend for him.

“Being able to work with the people at INFINIT has made a huge difference in my races and training. Using my racing knowledge, and knowledge of my own body, INFINIT was able to create a fantastic product for me. The customized, personalized, isotonic products that they provide keep me in top shape throughout the eight plus hour races I put myself through. Not having to rely on bars and gels while running, or in the saddle has made a very noticeable difference. You really don’t realize how much easier it is to use only liquids for energy until you get rid of everything else.”

Sanders was not always a top notch athlete by any means. Lionel faced struggles early in life, but was able to find an outlet in running and triathlons that helped him correct the path that he was on. Lionel’s story is not unheard of in the world of sports, but to say that Lionel is a comeback story is a severe understatement.

Lionel Sanders


At the age of four, Lionel began to get involved in sports but quickly showed that that distance sports were his true calling. By the end of high school, Sanders was one of the top runners in the province, but he did not see a future for himself in the sport. As high school came to an end for Sanders, he slowly began to try finding himself in drugs and alcohol. As the years passed, his usage got worse and worse until he decided to drop out of university all together. Depression and paranoia were accompanied by hallucinations and suicidal thoughts to the point that Lionel knew he needed to get help. Lionel looked to his mom and back to his once favorite pastime, running, to get himself out of the hole he had dug himself into. Lionel got back into running on November 5th, 2009. At the time Lionel was not sure where running would take him, but he knew he needed something to keep him level headed and focused on the future.

After just one month of returning to the sport he once dominated, he wasn’t feeling in top shape, but decided to enter an Ironman for the following year to give himself a goal. Just ten months after being at the lowest point in his life, Lionel became an Ironman and would start his journey to be one of the best triathletes in the world as an INFINIT athlete.


Lionel on Bike


Over the next three years Lionel would focus on training and partner with hall of fame triathlon coach Barrie Shepley. Sanders would begin to race at the professional level in 2013. In the year of his professional debut he would take home first place in 16 of the 18 races he competed in. In late 2014, Lionel would compete at the Ironman 70.3 World championships and place 4th. This finish proved to Sanders that he could compete with the best of the best.

"Not having to rely on bars and gels while running, or in the saddle has made a very noticeable difference. You really don’t realize how much easier it is to use only liquids for energy until you get rid of everything else.”

As the 2015 season progressed, Sanders continued his reign atop the podium which began to draw the attention of sponsors like INFINIT Nutrition. In August, Lionel Sanders and INFINIT nutrition began working together to create a drink blend that would improve his overall performance on the course. INFINIT and sanders have used their collective race and nutrition knowledge to create drinks for both the biking and running portions of his race, each drink is specially formulated for Sanders to ensure top performance. Using liquids alone to keep an athlete energized for races lasting 8 or more hours is a huge advantage for the racer and has helped Lionel to achieve something very few have done. After two months of customization and designing the best possible drink for him, Lionel sanders became the 45th man ever to run a sub 8-hour Ironman. Sanders finished Ironman Arizona in a time of 7 hours 58 minutes and 22 seconds, a new personal best using his custom formula. Since this accomplishment Lionel has started off the 2016 season with three straight first place victories and continues to improve.

“INFINIT has been a fantastic sponsor for me as an athlete really competing in three sports. The simplicity of their service and variability of their products has let me continue to make improvements and advancements in my athletic career.”