How to Make INFINIritas

Two easy ways to use :SPEED to mix up a fiesta in a glass


While, of course, it's best practice to recover after a workout or training session by taking in a 3:1-4:1 ratio of carbohydrate and high quality protein, sometimes the perfect warm night calls for a little something extra. 

When we're at out talking and sampling our products with athletes, without fail, we will get a question like, "How does this mix with...(vodka, tequila, etc.)?" Our answer to those type of inquiries is usually, "pretty freaking well!" 

How to Make SPEED INFINIritas

So we decided to finally share our INFINIT top secret margarita recipe...


This simple and quick margarita recipe is muy bueno, and just takes our own lemon-lime :SPEED, your favorite tequila, and ice to make. These frosty beverages will have you naturally hydrating... while you dehydrate. 


INFINIritas for Two

INFINIritas for two


 2 oz tequila (or to your taste!)
∞ Water
∞ 4 Scoops :SPEED (2 single serving packets)
∞ Blender


1. Fill blender with ice up to the 16 oz line
2. Add tequila
3. Fill water to the 24 oz line
4. Add :SPEED mix
5. Blend until slushy
6. Pour into glasses and enjoy!
Tequila pour



Shareable Scoopable INFINIritas


∞ 6 cups Water
Tequila (5 oz)
∞ 8 Scoops :SPEED (4 single serving packets)
∞ 2.75 Qt tempered glass casserole dish & lid


Shareable INFINIrita Slushes


1. Measure out 5 oz of Tequila and pour into glass casserole dish
2. Measure 6 cups of warm water
3. Mix 8 scoops of :SPEED in the warm water and stir until dissolved
4. Pour :SPEED mixture into the dish and stir
5. Cover and put in freezer for about 7 hours
6. Take out of freezer and let sit for 5-10 minutes before serving
7. Use a metal spoon to scrape frozen mixture and scoop into cups for a INFINIrita slush!