After you have made some strength gains in the gym, the time is ideal to build sport specific power.  The goal is for the strength gained in the gym to translate into added swim, bike, and run power.  Here are some high resistance intervals you can do in the pool and on the roads to build strength and power for each of the three sports.  As these intervals involve explosive movements, you should be warmed up before beginning them to reduce the risk of injury.  The first time, just do one interval toward the end of your workout.  Assess your body’s response to the first interval to determine how many you will do the next time, and gradually increase the number of intervals.



Paddle Sprints – During your warm up, swim a few laps with hand paddles to get the feel of using them.  When you are ready, complete one length of the pool (25 yards or meters) at maximum effort.  Between your intervals, rest long enough so that you are recovered between your intervals, and gradually build to 8 repetitions.  Be careful as paddles increase the strain on your shoulder.



Hill Sprints – After a good warm up or even at the end of a run insert hill sprints to build power.  Find a short, steep hill long enough to run for 20 seconds.  While concentrating on good form, sprint up the hill for 20 seconds.  Between your intervals, rest long enough so that you are recovered, and gradually build to 8 repetitions.



“Stomps” are intervals designed by Carmichael Training Systems.  The goal of Stomps is to improve strength and power while sitting in the saddle.  Begin at moderate speed, on a flat section of road, in a large gear (about 53-12).  While seated begin stomping on the pedals as hard as you can.  Concentrate on pushing down smoothly and pulling through the bottom of the pedal stroke.  Keep your upper body centered and still.  Each effort lasts 15 – 20 seconds with full recovery or at least 5 minutes between efforts.  Build to 4-10 efforts.