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Kristen Arnold

Kristen Arnold MS, RDN, CSSD is a private-practice sports dietitian, USA Cycling Level2 coach for Source Endurance a leading cycling coaching company in the USA, and professional road racer for ButcherBox Pro Cycling. She has been cultivating athletes' personal best through nutrition since 2015 in her private practice where she works with a range of entry to professional level athletes in a variety of sports. She obtained her Bachelors in Dietetics and Master's of Science in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University and now lives in Fort Collins Colorado.

Fueling for Gravel Races

Gravel Cycle race group riding up a hill, text "Fueling for Gravel Racing"

Mass start, dust up the nose, endless climbs, stretches of desolate scenery, clock ticking. Gravel races are sweeping the hearts of cyclists across the country for the opportunity to complete something epic, try something new, enjoy beautiful scenery, and challenge oneself. As one of the newer disciplines of cycling, racers are figuring out how best to approach these races and prepare for them — Do I want to be a finisher, or do I want to try and win? Should I go for the 200mile or stay with the 100mile?

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What the MUD

Bag of INFINIT Mud on a table, text "What the Mud? How to use mud in your training regimen"

Whether it’s hitting the highest weights, running/riding/swimming the fastest splits, or burning the most calories, getting the right nutrients pre-workout is essential to perform and feel ready to work hard. With a variety of carbohydrates, protein, and caffeine, MUD is an easy and great product to fuel up before a workout.

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