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Pro Standup Paddleboarder & INFINIT Coach Jenn J. Lee

Athlete on paddlebooard in ocean, text "Pro Standup Paddleboarder & INFINIT Coach Jenn J. Lee"

Jenn J. Lee has been paddleboarding for the last five years and has recently began working with INFINIT for all of her in-race nutrition. For years, Jenn has worked on and off with other companies to try to find something that worked for her when she finally stumbled on INFINIT thanks to the recommendation of her conditioning coach. Jenn was a former competitive skier and equestrian rider that moved to Hawaii and was looking for something to keep her active. Today Jenn is one of the top female paddle boarders in the world and continues to work together with INFINIT to push her to her absolute maximum on her board.

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INFINIT Coach Ambassador and Husband Take On Kona 2015

Couple Posing in swiming gear, text "INFINIT Coach Ambassador and Husband Take On Kona 2015"

Karel and I had a dream in 2014 that we would both try to qualify for the 2015 Ironman World Championship at Ironman Wisconsin (2014). We planned out a season of race-cations including St. Croix 70.3 in May, Ironman Austria in June and then Ironman Wisconsin in September and made sure that our training had us peaking with top fitness come IMWI race day. 

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Coaches Corner: A Shift of Focus and Emphasis

Man Running to Bike during triathlon, text "Coaches Corner: A shift of Focus and Emphasis"

“Cross Training,” what is it? The simple definition of cross training is, simply put, training in activities that are different than your primary sport.  Physiologically speaking, however..... “Physiological adaptations in response to physical training are highly specific to the nature of the training activity. Furthermore, the more specific the training program is to a given sport or activity, the greater the improvement in performance in that sport or activity.” - J.H. Wilmore, D.L. Costill, W.L. Kenney

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Alleviate Stress for Improved Training

Woman stressed text: "Alleviate Stress for Improved Training"

I know that sounds like an obvious statement, but it is still hard to do in everyday life. Even when things are a bit chaotic, most of us seem to under estimate the effects of stress on the body. As athletes we look at our training, equipment, and nutrition in hopes of a faster race and improving our fitness level. However, the majority of us never consider our stress levels. As an athlete stress can hurt your performance in many ways including an increased heart rate and oxygen consumption. It can also harm your exercise efficiency and cause a workout or race to feel tougher than it actually should. Increased muscle tension and reduced leg turnover are also contributed to stress. 

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The Power of the "OFF" Switch

Relaxing in Hammock text "The Power of the Off Switch"

For most endurance athletes, there comes a time each year when they are evaluating what is next on their calendar.  Many athletes choose to just continue down the path of race, race, race, race, then the weather gets cold, so they do marathons, half marathons, and more race, race, race.  At some point, the body is going to start to reject this mentality and regiment.  Overtraining can cause a deep level of fatigue that only rest and time away from the sport can cure.  This is where “offseason” comes into play.

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Hard-Easy - Coach Joe Friel

Man riding bike text "Hard-Easy" blog header
Joe Friel has trained endurance athletes since 1980. His clients are elite amateur and professional road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes, and duathletes. They come from all corners of the globe and include American and foreign national champions, world championship competitors, and an Olympian.

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“Metabolic Efficiency”: Friend or Foe to Performance?

Woman Running with text saying "Metabolic Efficiency: Friend or Foe"

The newest fad being touted as the “secret to success” for endurance training is to train and eat to become “metabolically efficient”.  What exactly does this mean? The term efficiency combined with metabolism sounds like an athlete’s dream, especially to an endurance athlete.  After all, efficiency means to “save energy without waste or unnecessary effort.”  Well, this surely must be the key to success for endurance performance; go as long as possible and waste as little energy as possible.  Unfortunately, this new fad is just that, a FAD! “Metabolic efficiency” training or fueling to enhance performance will come at a cost, a big cost which happens to be your performance.

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