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Athlete Spotlight

Pro Standup Paddleboarder & INFINIT Coach Jenn J. Lee

Athlete on paddlebooard in ocean, text "Pro Standup Paddleboarder & INFINIT Coach Jenn J. Lee"

Jenn J. Lee has been paddleboarding for the last five years and has recently began working with INFINIT for all of her in-race nutrition. For years, Jenn has worked on and off with other companies to try to find something that worked for her when she finally stumbled on INFINIT thanks to the recommendation of her conditioning coach. Jenn was a former competitive skier and equestrian rider that moved to Hawaii and was looking for something to keep her active. Today Jenn is one of the top female paddle boarders in the world and continues to work together with INFINIT to push her to her absolute maximum on her board.

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Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team

Holowesko race team picture, text  "Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team"

The Holowesko-Citadel Racing team, presented by Hincapie sportswear, is heading to San Diego on May 15th to compete in the AMGEN Tour of California. The team and coaches at Holowesko-Citadel have worked in unison with the staff at Infinit to create a line of products that fuel athletes throughout the race. The low-calorie, high electrolyte blend provides energy and hydration, while preventing cramping, for a team that races with high pace and intensity. This year’s team is coming off a very impressive 2015 season in which they claimed the honor of top team on the National Racing Circuit, as well as top individual NRC rider being won by Tom Skujiņš. Tom has since left team Holowesko-Citadel but has been replaced by Former US NRC individual winner, Travis McCabe. This year, the team is aiming even higher, and that will start with stage wins at the Tour of California. This year’s roster for California includes Robin Carpenter, Andrei Krasilnikau, Oscar Clark, Rob Squire, Travis McCabe, Andzs Flakis, Jon Hornbeck, and Joe Lewis.

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AJ Baucco: Pro Triathlete & Coach

AJ Baucco Running, text "AJ Baucco Pro Triathlete and Coach"
After spending the better part of last decade as a student of the sport of triathlon, it has become very apparent that I thoroughly enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge with others. I have been incredibly lucky to learn from some of the best athletes and coaches in the sport. My knowledge, coupled with an innate desire to teach others, makes coaching the perfect fit for me. Coaching mixes two of my strongest passions, education and triathlon.

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INFINIT is Proud to Sponsor KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team for the 2016 Race Season

Cycling team racing, text "KHS Maxxis JLVelo Cycling team. INFINIT Nutrition"

The SoCal-based Pro Cycling Team has been making waves early in the 2016 season. The 2015 season was fantastic on many fronts for the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team. The team won 33 races across the United States and also netted several NRC podiums. Arguably, the highlight of the season was rider Fabrizio Von Nacher representing the team, and his native country of Mexico, at this year's World Championships in Richmond, Virginia. The KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team is off to an amazing start in 2016. The team already had 8 wins and 13 podium appearances going into the first round of NRC events at the Redlands Bicycle Classic in April.

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Frankie's Formulas: Paris-Roubaix

Map of Paris-Roubaix bike ride route and INFINIT Custum Bag, text "Frankie Andreu #MyMix Paris-Roubiax"

Frankie's Paris-Roubaix Formula at a Glance:  Over 3 hour formula, Triathlon, Cycling, Mountain Bike, Cramper's Blends, Heavy Sweaty, Sensitive Stomach, Clydesdale/Athena, Male, Salted Caramel. INFINIT is continuing our #MyMIX - Frankie's Formulas, a series of race formulas specifically for the EU Spring Classics that Frankie raced for over a decade. Including insider stories about what actually happens in the peloton, the race conditions, terrain and and the custom-blended nutrition solution needed to complete the race.

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Frankie's Formulas: Milan-San Remo

Frankie drinking from bottle, text 'Frankie andreu cycling legend" "#MyMix Milan San remo"

It’s the first one day classic of the World Tour, and at 293km, it’s also the longest. If you add the neutral zone the race goes well past 300km. With a start at 10am it’s important to have a good breakfast and important to fuel up right before the race start. Milan San Remo, despite the distance, is known for having a very quick start. Usually on average it takes an hour for the break to establish itself and it’s not uncommon for the fast racing to last up to two hours. At speeds of 30 mph it takes a while for the right group to escape and for the field to grow tired of chasing everything down.

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Frankie's Formulas: Paris-Nice

Frankie Andreu drinking out of water bottle, text "Frankie Andreu"

INFINIT is excited to announce the launching of our #MyMix series starting with Frankie's Formulas, a series of race formulas specifically for the EU Spring Classics that Frankie raced for over a decade. Over the next couple months, we will be bringing you insider stories about what actually happens in the peloton, the race conditions, terrain and and the custom-blended nutrition solution needed to complete the stage.

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Guess Who Just Made History?

Athlete Cross Country Skiing, text  "Caitlin Gregg US Olympic athlete, 2016 Birkebeiner winner"

Waking up the morning of the largest cross country ski race in North America and the largest cash purse in the country ($10,000) I look out the window to check out the weather. Temperatures still haven't dipped below freezing, meaning that this will be one of the warmest American Birkebeiner races in recent history. It isn't uncommon for a big temperature swing on race day, but the last few years it has been a cold snap. The body takes time and energy to adjust to changes in temperature and fueling become even more important. My nutrition changes somewhat from warm to cold.

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