April is Adult Learn to Swim Month

INFINIT is Proud to Support the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Program in their Pursuit to Make Communities Safer by Teaching the Skill of Swimming

USMS is continuing its tradition of dedicating the month of April as 
 Adult Learn-to-Swim Month. Learn to Swim month is an effort to raise awareness for the high number of American adults who are unable to swim, and  the programs that they support that combat this problem. The goal is to directly reduce adult drowning by training and certifying adult learn-to-swim instructors and by providing grants to adult-swim-lesson providers through its charitable arm, the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

Swimming Save Lives Foundation
Did You Know? Since 2011, U.S. Masters Swimming Swimming Saves Lives Foundation has awarded nearly $335,000 in grants to programs offering adult swim lessons across the country, including $88,000 in 2017 to 38 programs.

One amazing success story of the Adult Learn to Swim program is Mari Soliman. Mari didn't learn how to swim because her parents didn't know how to swim, and this is commonly something that is carried over from generation to generation. She wanted to enjoy swimming and water-related activities with her daughter, so she signed up for lessons with USMS-certified adult learn-to-swim instructor Megan Lassen. In this video, Mari and Megan talk about the process of learning to swim as an adult, and what it means to her now that she has learned.


Each U.S. Masters Swimming Formula Purchased Helps Support SSLF

INFINIT is proud to help support the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation year round with our commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds from every U.S. Masters Swimming Formula sold.

The U.S. Masters Swimming Formulas include a variety of blends that are situationally formulated for different training and competition types, as well as nutritional profile. The line includes the U.S. Masters Swimming Low-Sodium Mix, Open Water Mix, Low-Calorie Mix, Training Mix, and Race-Day Blend.

Swimming Saves Lives Donation

With the purchase of a U.S. Masters Formula you are helping to provide the following valuable tools and training for members of your community as they learn to invaluable skill of swimming and water safety.