After spending the better part of last decade as a student of the sport of triathlon, it has become very apparent that I thoroughly enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge with others. I have been incredibly lucky to learn from some of the best athletes and coaches in the sport. My knowledge, coupled with an innate desire to teach others, makes coaching the perfect fit for me. Coaching mixes two of my strongest passions, education and triathlon.

Even before I was introduced to triathlon, I possessed the urge to guide others through education. I received my degree in Mathematics and my teaching license from the state of Ohio. Upon graduating, I decided to put my career as an educator on hold and pursue my career as a professional in the sport of triathlon. I spent the first 2 years of my professional career focusing on myself and my own progression, but it became clear that I wasn't happy without teaching in my life. Because going back to work in the classroom while carrying on as a professional athlete didn't seem reasonable, I decided to pursue education in a different way. Coaching triathlon along with doing camps, and small or 1-on-1 clinics allows me to satisfy my urge to teach while still focusing full time on my own sporting career.

AJ Baucco Coaching was established in 2013 as a way to help age group triathletes of all ability levels take their racing to the next level. Since our inception, we have worked with hundreds of athletes from all over the world. The AJ Baucco Coaching staff is a collection of elite triathletes with a passion for teaching others through the sport of triathlon. We have sent countless athletes to World Championship events, and we are growing every year. We specialize in full service coaching, but we also write hundreds of Fueling Plans for athletes and provide several other unique services.

My INFINIT blends are completely customized to my needs on race day. Everything from amount of carbohydrate, to the strength of the flavor, to amount of caffeine that I need per bottle. After 10 years of racing triathlon, I know exactly what I need on race day, and Infinit Nutrition makes it so easy to get all of that in my bottles. Outside of my racing blends, I have some other custom blends that I like to use on an everyday basis. I have a Low Calorie Blend that is perfect to use after long workouts in the heat. I am able to hydrate properly without having to take in a ton of extra carbohydrate.

The Baucco Squad is a one of a kind age group triathlon team for athletes of ALL ability levels. Our current roster is 100 athletes from all over the world, but we are growing each year. We work with some of the top triathlon companies, and are also currently sporting the best looking triathlon kits in existence! Our team works hard and gets results, but we are much more focused on the process. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we definitely know how to have fun.