Kurt Barclay

Professional Mountain Biker


Kurt Barclay IDNo stranger to the snow, Kurt Barclay is a professional mountain biker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kurt is a longtime mountain biker and has spent much of his life around bikes. This passion for biking, coupled with his work at 45NRTH, a group that specialises in high performance cold weather gear, set him up for the story of a lifetime when he took on the snowy Alaskan terrain racing in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.


Kurt Bike

The Iditarod sled dog race is a world famous event, and has a reputation for being one of the most grueling and tiresome competitions on record. What originally started from an urgent need to transport vaccines from Anchorage to Nome, this monumental trek eventually evolved into a sled dog race. In 1987, it went a step further and an endurance bike race was established along this historic route, and so the Iditarod Trail Invitational was started. 


Barclay Final

In 2017 Kurt Barclay won the Iditarod Trail Invitational, beating his competition by 8 and a half hours. 

In describing this epic event, Kurt remembers how “the snow was more than pedal high.” Remarking at the sheer cold of Alaska in February, and the power of will that it took to push for 23 consecutive hours through the brutal and frigid conditions.

With no aid stations accessible, Kurt had to carry all of his supplies. Everything he could possibly need had to be carefully planned for, and nutrition was a vital part of the preparations. If you get hungry, or cramp, the cold can get to you, Kurt explains, it is important to have everything lined up, and INFINIT allows him to plan out his nutrition strategy hour by hour.

Kurts reward for going the distance and winning by 8 and a half hours? A cold, rickety plane ride back to Anchorage and bragging rights for life. 



Check Out a Sample Of Kurt in the Snow in the Video Below: 


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