Rowan Jones: Multi-Sport Athlete

  • Competing with Team USA at Off-Road Triathlon WC in 2017
  • 1st Overall 2012 12 Hours of Canal Loop Solo Mountain Bike Race
  • 2013 XTERRA Age Group Midwest Regional Champion
  • 1st Overall 2014 Bound The Mound Trail Half Marathon
  • 1st Overall 2015,16 Harmonie Trail Half Marathon
  • Competed at New York, Boston, and Chicago Marathons

While many endurance athletes focus on consistency, and improving in one discipline, Rowan Jones prefers to add some variety to his life.  This US Air Force Veteran competes in events ranging from half marathons, to XTERRA races, to adventure courses that include orienteering, trekking, mountain biking, and flat water paddling.  This variety is part of the reason Rowan decided to turn to INFINIT in 2009 to create two custom formulas that he has been using, and personally tweaking, for all of his races no matter the terrain. 

Rowan Jones got his athletic career started at a young age.  Growing up he played sports like basketball, baseball, golf and running on the track team.  As high school came to an end Rowan looked to join the military and ended up enlisting in the Air Force.  As a member of a special operations unit, Jones got a chance to travel the country as well as visit Italy, Spain, Iceland, and Ireland.  Travelling with the military gave Rowan his initial love for the outdoors and adventuring.  After his time in the military, Rowan began working as an avionics salesman and pilot thanks to his aviation experience while serving.  Rowan also took this time to relax and continue to play golf here and there but had no real athletic goals at the time. 

By 2009, Rowan had gained close to 40 pounds and was in no shape to be completing Ironman and XTERRA races.  Luckily for Rowan, the few extra pounds he had put on would be enough motivation to get him back into fitness and push himself to improve.  What started as just casual mountain biking turned into more running and hiking and road racing, and eventually when Rowan decided he wanted to try a triathlon he taught himself how to swim freestyle laps for the first time. 

With very little knowledge of triathlons Rowan began researching online for ways to improve his times and stumbled upon an article about INFINIT.  As one of those guys that was forced to carry Gatorade, water, salt tabs, and Clif bars, Rowan knew the struggle of trying to improve race times while being forced to slow down or even stop just to get the nutrients he needed.  Having already completed a few triathlons, marathons, an Ironman and many mountain biking races Jones decided to give INFINIT a test trial.  Rowan set his sights on 2012 12 Hours of Canal Loop Solo Mountain Bike Race.  This would be the first time Rowan raced using only INFINIT for on course nutrition and it seemed to work rather well for him as he took home his first major first place finish. 

Since moving to INFINIT products Rowan has found racing nutrition to just be simpler. It has allowed him to develop a consistent 8-10 hours a week training schedule, with peak weeks over 15 hours, while still finding plenty of time to spend with his family and work.  Rowan’s family is a huge part of his racing life.  Not only do his four children, all ages 10 and under, and wife spend weekends cheering Rowan on course-side they have even started racing a little bit themselves.  Three of Rowan’s kids, all under the age of ten, like to hop on their mountain bikes at some of the larger events and compete in the kids races that most offer.  Rowan’s daughter finished her first triathlon at only 6 years old and has been right by her father’s side at almost every event.  Rowan has always enjoyed having his kids at his races so that they get a chance to meet members of the community and see first-hand how important fitness can be for a happy healthy life.

 As Rowan continues to learn and grow as an endurance athlete he continues to cycle between off-road training and marathon training.  The different training styles keep his training entertaining while continuing to improve his performance.  For the most part, Rowan competes off road because he likes the amount of strategy that goes into racing and also has a genuine love for the woods.  The single track mountain bike portions of the race can make passing difficult but being out in the trees and bombing hills makes it all worth it.  Although Rowan does prefer off road racing he is a heck of a marathon runner.  Planning to complete the Chicago marathon this October, Rowan will be completing his third of six major world marathons which has been a goal of his for years.  Other goals of Rowans include competing at the XTERRA world championships in Maui (competed last year at nationals), and making the podium for the NUE endurance mountain biking series.

Rowan has big plans for his future in racing including, representing his country by racing with Team USA at the off-road triathlon World Championships in 2017 in Canada.  Not only is this one of Rowans top personal accomplishments as an athlete, but it is something many strive to achieve but never come close.  Rowan plans to continue to broaden his horizons by entering in events that not many people have even heard of let alone attempted.  Each race pushes the athletes differently than the last one and that is part of the reason Rowan is so excited to be a part of INFINIT, and we are glad to have him.  He will always have the ability to create new formulas that are perfectly tailored to the events he takes on and knows that at any time he can ask for advice on what he will need for his next venture. 

Last Saturday Rowan competed with a coed team in his first ever adventure race.  This race was the regional finals of the US Adventure Race Association (USARA) circuit and the team did very well.  Although the team incurred a few minor penalties due to time during this 12-hour venture, the team finished in 4th place qualifying rowan and the rest of his adventure team for Nationals in Georgia this October.  This 30-hour race will test many participants unlike anything they have ever competed in.  Although the race is just 5 days after the Chicago marathon, which Rowan will be competing in, the team is seriously considering competeing on a National Stage.  This could shape up to be quite the week for Rowan and his INFINIT blends. For more information on this unique and fairly new sport CLICK HERE.