Meet INFINIT Pro Ashley Clifford:

Ashley Clifford is an up-and-comer in the world of Professional Triathlon. She has recorded some of the fastest run times in the sport of Ironman and her bike and swim times continue to improve. Ashley has run a 2:57 off the bike and most recently finished 2nd at Ironman Florida.

"I often get questions about nutrition. This is always a tough one because it involves a lot of trial and error before getting it right. So my answer works for me, but doesn't mean it will work for others. We are all different.

Some readers sent in questions after I posted my blog post on my Florida race where I mentioned that I had made nutrition changes for Florida. It took some time for me to find a right combination that works in both training and races.

During the World Championship in Hawaii, I was adding some Carbo-Pro with my custom INFINIT mix in my water bottles. During my Hawaii preparation, I was not aware that this was a really, really bad idea because Inifinit is a concentration that is Isotonic. I told my coach before Florida that I was mixing both and he told me that was really really bad! If you’re like me, more is better, right? Of course that is not true, and I learned the hard way by having severe gastric issues at the World Championship.

Osmolality is a measure of how much “stuff” is in your sports drink. If there is too much stuff in your drink, then your drink will be too dense and your body will treat it like food. I think a lot of athletes make this mistake. I learned if you have too much stuff in your water bottle, then your body does what it is naturally supposed to do. When this happens, your system shuts down and stops processing your nutrition and begins the digestion process. This results in gastric distress, cramping, and worse. Not something you want to deal with during a race, trust me.

Before Florida Ironman, I was able to make corrections prior to the race. In Florida, I used two water bottles with 800 calories, which were 4 scoops of Infinit. Because of my customization formula, I had all my nutrition in a bottle with just drinks. I enjoy that because I can then just think about riding and not digging for food. This makes it easier for me to concentrate on my racing strategy and not have to worry if I am making the right nutrition choices.

I have learned that you do not want to start the digestion process during a race. So I do not recommend eating very much. Learn from my mistake, you do not need to add various products to your race day if you want to achieve success!"