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Jennie Bender wins National Championships Take a minute and read about her first national title win at Infinit Nutrition has partnered with CXC Skiing and some of their top athletes like Jennie Bender (pictured), Brian Gregg and Caitlin Gregg. To check out the CXC Signature series click here. Pictured Infinit Athlete Logan Franks

What is YOUR Off-season Triathlon Plan? By Sarah Currie, MS RD, USAT Level 1 What zone am I in? What’s my cadence? How many calories have I burned so far? I bet I can catch that cyclist in front of me. OH WAIT, I’m not wearing my heart rate monitor! Slight panic sets in before a headwind blast off the Hudson snaps me out of it. Tri season is over. I’m not supposed to be “training.” My therapist said I need to practice... more...

Michael Simonson is ready for another great year. Infinit Nutrition is happy to again be working with some of the top athletes in sports today. One example of those athletes is Michael Simonson. Michael lives and trains in southeastern Michigan. He competes in endurance and cross country mountain bike racing. Watch for Michael and his new 616 team. Have a great season!