What Every Athlete Needs to Know

- Video #2 The Sweat Rate Test: 

Watch this video for the perfect training and racing nutrition plan for 2014. INFINIT's Founder and CEO Michael Folan gives presentations all over the Country about the "nuts and bolts of nutrition". He does it in a way that is simple, repeatable and executable on race day.

How to do a sweat rate test to determine how much you should drink on an hourly basis. If you don't know your sweat rate...how can you possibly know how much to drink?

Last week we gave you the tools to determine your calories per hour. This week we give you how to determine your hourly sweat rate. Next week, we put calories and hydration data together so you can have an easy to manage plan for racing and training. Not an INFINIT customer? Use this information to plan your nutrition strategy no matter what products you use.


Good luck to Olympian Brian Gregg who races the 50k this Sunday in Sochi Russia fueled on INFINIT.

We are rooting for you Brian. Go USA!!!