This month’s INFINIT Newsletter is focused on getting you ready for the upcoming season. It’s the time to face those New Year’s Resolutions. This newsletter covers some basic tips on training, new product reviews and other fun stuff.

NEWS FROM THE HOME OFFICE It's already getting busy and we are off and running here at INFINIT. The production team is busy with orders. Now is the time to prepare for the up coming season. A sound nutrition game plan in place is the single most important key to having a fantastic year of racing. Maybe you're headed to a training camp? or working on base training? Starting this month there are 24hr races, mountain bike races, XC ski races, road bike races, marathons, training camps everywhere! The Pros are down under already racing.

The season is already truly upon us. In the past year INFINIT has introduced a few new products. Napalm (Grape and Orange-Creamsicle powdered Gel), Nocturne (Night-time recovery), new Chocolate Repair and our super-hot new ladies line ISIS. Do you have questions on what is exactly the right custom-blended solution for you? That’s why we have staff available to answer your questions and get you the best performing, best tasting formula made just for you. Click HERE to take advantage of a FREE personal nutritional consult today.

HEADSWEATS SPECIAL! Headsweats is a long time partner of INFINIT and maker of our favorite head wear, is offering an amazing deal to all INFINIT customers. Receive 25% off all purchase now thru February 17th using the code: INFINIT25. Click HERE to place your order today. N

APALM SALE: 30% OFF Any Flavor Napalm- offer valid thru 2/10/13 Orange Creamsicle Naplam



I’ve always chosen our sponsorship partners very carefully and when it comes to industry sponsors it is very important that the products are good and have passed the HFP Man test. I will never sign on an industry sponsor that is not a product or service that I would not use for my personal racing or training. Infinit Nutrition’s new Napalm energy gel is no different. Before its announcement, Michael Folan (the owner) reached out to me to give the product a test run and I loved it straight away. I started using it exclusively in my training and racing. To read full review click HERE.

Alleviate stress for improved training I know that sounds like an obvious statement, but it is still hard to do in everyday life. Even when things are a bit chaotic, most of us seem to under estimate the effects of stress on the body. As athletes we look at our training, equipment, and nutrition in hopes of a faster race and improving our fitness level. Read more click HERE.

Jason Fowler 70.3 Ironman World Champion Infinit Nutrition announces the newest member of the Infinit Team. Jason Fowler is the reigning 70.3 Ironman World Champion. Jason has been racing on Infinit Nutrition product for the past few seasons. This year Infinit Nutrition will be supplying Jason with all his training and race nutrition.