The Morning Burn 

By O'Brien Forbes

There are three aspects of training I focus on in the off season; base miles, a gym program and my AM Spin. 

As part of my fall training plan, three days a week, I do a 30-minute early morning spin.  When I say early, I mean EARLY – as in as soon as I wake up.  I have been doing this for the last 10 years.  It serves a three-fold purpose. 

1.  To burn some extra calories during the off season. 
2.  Fire up the metabolism first thing. 
3.  Get some active recovery in.

Here are some guidelines I follow.  Do a 10 minute warm-up, 15 min in Upper Zone 1 / Lower Zone 2 and then a 5 minute cool down.  Drink at least one bottle of water.  I do two.  Since the ride is only 30 minutes, I eat a good breakfast after my ride, not before. 

I do this from October 1st all the way through the end of March.  Another hint, get all your stuff laid out and prepared the night before.  Much easier to crawl out of bed, put your shorts on and then climb on.

Remember, this is all about the calorie burn, metabolism and recovery, NOT about getting a “workout” in.

O’Brien Forbes, aka, Coach OB, is a full time cycling coach based out of Cincinnati, OH.  He has been racing since 1986 and has been a Cat. 1 since 1995.  He works with all levels of cyclists from the club rider to Cat. 1 racers.  His riders have earned multiple state champion jerseys in TT, MTB, CX, road and crit.  So far in 2014, his riders have racked up over 40 victories in various events.  


Learn more about Coach OB at or ask him a question by sending an email to

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