First Place Finish 

Major Achievements:

  • 3-time top ten finisher at The Ironman World Championships
  • 3-time Ironman Champion (UK, 2006.  Brazil, 2009.  Taiwan, 2015)
  • Raced first Ironman in 1997
  • Gold Medalist at both Pan-Pacific and Pan-American Games in the 200 m backstroke.

Dede Griesbauer is an INFINIT athlete out of Boulder, CO.  Dede grew up a competitive swimmer, setting multiple National records for her high school.  She went on to compete at Stanford University and continued to succeed.  She won 10 NCAA All-American awards and captained the team for the 1992 season, during which she led the team to a National Championship title. From 1989-1994, Dede was also a member of the US National Swim team, during which time, she, earned gold at both the Pan-Pacific and Pan-American Games and competed at two U.S. Olympic trials.

 In 1994, Dede decided to retire from swimming to enter graduate school at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylania.  She went on to pursue a financial career on Wall Street.  While balancing both career and sport in  2004, Dede competed as an amateur and was able to take first place in every one of her “in season” races. Unfortunately, at the Ironman World Championships an Achilles injury kept her off the podium.

Dede INFINIT Running

After eight years as an equity trader, Dede had worked her way up to Vice President of an investment firm, but in 2005, she decided to step away from her investment career and return to a career as an athlete.

 In 2006, Dede got her first major victory during only her second year as a pro.  She took first place at Ironman UK, setting a new course record, and started gaining attention from sponsors and the rest of the racing community.

Since 2007, Dede has been working with INFINIT Nutrition, using a custom formula on the bike, and INFINIT’s Napalm for the run...    

“I can’t take credit here.  INFINIT Founder and CEO, Michael Folan created my formula for me!  In a brief phone conversation, where we discussed some of my nutritional short comings in Ironman races (for me, it was bloating, while simultaneously bonking at mile 16 of the marathon in an Ironman), Michael created a formula for me, all the way back in 2007.  To this day, minus some tinkering with flavor options, and adding caffeine I haven’t touched the formula one bit.”

Check out Dede's Distance Formula which she uses on the bike.

"The right number of calories per hour in the right mixture of carbs, a flavor that I love, and a kick of caffeine that I use in the second half of the bike. I adjust my electrolyte slider based on race conditions. It's just that easy..."


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