Travel Guide - Ironman Louisville Home of the Kentucky Derby –

part 1 of the Triple Crown or as they say the fastest two minutes in sports- is playing host to Ironman, August 25th.

Talkin’ local… pretend your mouth is full of mash potatoes when you say it, Luevle. No self-respecting native puts Louie in the name, nor is any native from Kentucky. They are from Louisville or LVL. Next, and maybe more importantly, is whether you bleed blue or red. There are two distinctive groups here. It’s eerily similar to the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. You are either a U of L fan or a Kentucky fan and the two don’t mix. I (no lie) know a lady named Melissa , who bought a beautiful house with a red door. She informed her husband that before they moved one piece of furniture in to it the front door had to be repainted. It was – Kentucky blue.

How do we know so much about this fine city? Is it because Louisville is only an hour and half drive from Infinit (We are just up the road in Cincinnati). The good news for you is that we can steer you in the right direction for things to do and see…maybe you could stop by to have some derby pie and drink some good old Kentucky Bourbon and INFINIT. It pairs well we hear…

Things to do, eat and see...much more!