Mixing in Concentrate for Race Day

Want to know how to easily concentrate your INFINIT for a 70.3 or even full Ironman Distance Race? Want to make your day easy and flawless?


Watch INFINIT's CEO (and 10x Ironman finisher) show you how to simply and easily carry your bike mix in just a few bottles. 

Note from the desk of the Chief Powder Maker.

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing some welcome and long overdue changes from INFINIT. Our website has served us well over the years, but it's time for a major overhaul.

We will be unveiling the brand new website that will be a substantial upgrade from our current platform. making your experience far easier. This change represents a year of hard work from the INFINIT Team and we are all very excited to show it to you.


Not only will be tablet and phone friendly, but will work across all platforms and browsers. 

There will be a new questionnaire, the ability to share your formulas easily on social networks with your training partners and friends, new blogs, a new knowledge database and informational videos along with an expanded and updated product comparison chart.

INFINIT announces 2014 sponsorship for the Pro 5 Hour Energy Team sponsored by Kenda

Adding a second Professional Cycling Team to INFINIT, we are proud to announce that INFINIT will be working with the 5 Hour Energy sponsored by Kenda. 

Team Manager Frankie Andreu says about the reltionship;

"INFINIT Nutrition is the one company that exceeds the demands of the 5-hour Energy presented by Kenda professional cyclists. INFINIT’s full assortment of products for on the bike performance and off the bike recovery takes care of almost ever need we have. Our go-to favorites are :SPEED and :GOFAR (which also can be customized for our athletes), and have provided the calories and hydration needed to prevent any loss of performance.  The team will not go to bed without NOCTURNE Night Time Recovery which has helped the athletes sleep better, recover better, and wake up ready for each days race.  The simplicity of INFINIT’s system gives our team a unique advantage on the competition as we head into the hot summer racing months." 

Good luck to the team in Redlands!