Infinit Announces the Next Step in the Evolution of Gels

:NAPALM Gels, they’ve been around forever. We have to deal with them for racing…right? Choke one down every ½ hour? As one of our customers says “close my eyes till I swallow”? Then there is that what to do with the wrapper, stick it in your shorts? or just chuck it on the ground and feel guilty?

Enter INFINIT Nutrition with the next step in the evolution of gels NAPALM. NAPALM is a 100% pure crystalline powder that when mixed with equal parts water makes the perfect customized nutrition-solution that is easy on the old taste buds even after hours and hours while still being easy on the gut. NAPALM is easier to use. Simply fill any gel-flask, Fuel Belt™ or other container right to the tippy-top with NAPALM and then add water. NAPALM will magically dissolve instantly into a crystalline gel with perfect consistency. Napalm is NOT thick like other gels.

NAPALM is 100% all natural and will be available in two unique custom formulas and an all new grape flavor:

· NAPALM non-caffeinated

· NAPALM highly charged with caffeine

NAPALM contains four different carbohydrates (maltodextrine, dextrose, crystalline fructose and sucrose) for MAXIMUM absorption rates and higher levels of four electrolytes than other gels. Guaranteed rapid energy with less mess and less cost than a handful of gels and bars. NAPALM is far more economical than of the high cost of gel packs.

We are offering a limited time discount on NAPALM through April 30. Ordering your first bag and save 5 Bucks by entering the code NAPALM.



Help INFINIT Give Back to our Wounded Veterans through the Phoenix Patriot Foundation

On April 24, 2012, INFINIT Nutrition will donate 10% of the total sales for the day to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation. You can help simply by ordering your Infinit on April 24th. The mission of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation can be found in bold print on their website ( Phoenix Patriot Foundation): Raising Our Heroes From Ashes. “Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s mission is to provide direct support to severely wounded veterans enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate and remain engaged in Serving America.”


Coaches Corner: INGREDIENTS FOR GREAT ENDURANCE: Part 2 In writing Novemberʼs article on endurance tips, it was hard to narrow down to just a couple of items that would be the most bang for the buck, so to speak. Therefore, I decided to continue last monthʼs theme and expound upon a few more components for great endurance.