INFINIT Ambassador Programs

INFINIT Sponsorship & Ambassador Programs

INFINIT Nutrition works with many of the world’s top professional athletes, teams, coaches and clubs to design personalized partnership programs to enable each and every one of their athletes perform better. Unlike most of the refer-a-friend programs out there, INFINIT’s customization options allow us the ability to create the perfect mix for any friend, client or training partner. As we all know, every body is different! What tastes good to you, what works for you, may not be what your training partner needs.


AMBASSADORS: As an INFINIT Ambassador you can help your friends, family and training partners by letting them in on the secret. Over the past 10 years, word of mouth has been our #1 reason for growing as a company. It's true that once you start fueling with your own custom blend, nothing ever comes close. It would be like Cinderella trading in her glass slippers for dollar store flip flops.

The INFINIT Ambassador Program gives our loyal INFINIT customers the ability to spread the word about us and our line of nutrition products, while earning credit for themselves. You have the opportunity to earn commission for every new customer that you refer through social media, email blasts, or by sharing your custom formulas. Your commission credit can be put towards any future order! You can even share your own personal discount code to friends, family, and training partners! You believe in your INFINIT, now you can get it for less simply by letting others know how it has helped you in your training and racing. Must be a current INFINIT customer to be eligible for the program.

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CLUBS: INFINIT partners with clubs of all sizes! Having INFINIT as a Sponsor of your club or recreational team allows each athlete access to a wealth of information and perks that help dial in your nutrition for performance. An INFINIT Club Sponsorship will help keep your entire group naturally hydrated and fueled all season.

The INFINIT Club Sponsorship Program offers exclusive club discounts, annual private sale days, access to educational materials, and free priority consultation scheduling.

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COACHES: The issue with other nutrition sponsorships and discounts is that one off-the-shelf product might work with some of your clients, but will be totally wrong for the rest of your athletes. With INFINIT’s custom approach, we can satisfy any member of your group from a 100 pound female bike racer to a 250 pound Ironman. You work hard to provide the very best advice and training programs to help them peak at the right time to meet their race goals, don't let nutrition hold them back. Let INFINIT be the customizable nutrition tool in your coaching toolbox.

The INFINIT Coach Ambassador Program is an exclusive partnership program reserved for certified coaches and athletic training professionals which provides value-added services as well as special perks and discounts.

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ELITE ATHLETES & TEAMS: We work with elite level athletes and teams on an individual basis to develop Sponsorship agreements to best support the athletes and teams who are performing at the peak of their sports. 

The INFINIT Elite Athlete & Team Programs are our most exclusive partnership programs, and requires the submission of a Sponsorship Proposal. While we would love to sponsor the thousands of interested applicants, our annual sponsorship budget will only allow a select group of elite athletes and teams.

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INFINIT Ambassadors Commission Type 10% Pay-per-Sale for the first order of a customer, 5% for next orders
Tier Commission Level 1 10% for the first order of a customer
5% for next orders
Level 2 2% of sales amount
Level 3 1% of sales amount
Payout Requirements $1.00 - Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy $5.00 discount on the first order, 5% on each purchased item of next orders