INFINIT Partnership Programs

INFINIT Sponsorship & Ambassador Programs


INFINIT Nutrition works with athletes and groups of all disciplines. We take pride in supporting and fueling a passion for sports and fitness in our communities by providing the very best in natural performance nutrition.  

We are dedicated to creating meaningful partnerships with athletes, teams, coaches and clubs who are committed to their sport and passionate about helping others do their best and reach their goals!


INFINIT Ambassadors

As an INFINIT Ambassador you can help your friends, family and training partners by letting them in on the “secret.”

The INFINIT Ambassador Program gives our loyal INFINIT customers the ability to spread the word about us, while earning credit for themselves! With this program you have the opportunity to earn commission for every new customer that you refer, and you can use that commission towards any future INFINIT Nutrition order.

You believe in your INFINIT, now you can get it for less simply by letting others know how it has helped you in your training and racing.


INFINIT Clubs, Teams, and Coaches

INFINIT proudly partners with groups of all sizes and disciplines.

Having INFINIT as a partner to support your members and clients allows each athlete access to a wealth of information and perks. As an INFINIT Sponsored group we will help dial in your athletes’ nutrition for peak performance, and will keep your entire team naturally hydrated and fueled all season long.

The issue with other nutrition sponsorships and discounts is that one off-the-shelf product might work with some of your clients, but will be totally wrong for the rest of your athletes. With INFINIT’s custom approach, we can satisfy any member of your group from a 100-pound cyclist to a 250-pound triathlete. 

You work hard to provide the very best advice and training programs to help your athletes peak at the right time and achieve their goals. Don't let nutrition be the factor holding them back. Let INFINIT be the customizable nutrition tool in your toolbox.



INFINIT Elite Athletes 

We work with Elite level athletes to develop individual Sponsorship agreements to support the athletes who are performing at the highest levels of their sports. 


Team INFINIT Performance

Join one of the most exclusive teams in the country — Team INFINIT Performance

Team INFINIT Performance is an exclusive team created around INFINIT Nutrition. The team was designed with triathletes in mind, but welcomes all different types of athletes. The athletes that are chosen for this team exemplifies the true spirit of an INFINIT athlete - they are supportive, motivated, fun-loving, and positive!



Interested in seeing if we’re going to be at and event near you? Do you have an event you would like INFINIT to sponsor?


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Podcast - The Rumble Strip Commission Type 5% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Tier Commission Level 1 5% of sales amount
Level 2 2% of sales amount
Level 3 1% of sales amount
Payout Requirements $1.00 - Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy 15% discount on each purchased item
From Date Jul 12, 2020
To Date Jan 11, 2022