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Andy Potts - Professional Triathlete

Andy Potts Athlete Page

28 Time Ironman 70.3 Champion
57 First Place Finishes
2007 Ironman 70.3 World Champion
7 Time Ironman Champion
4 Time USAT Triathlete of the Year
2014, 205 Ironman World Championships 4th Place Finisher
Top American 2017 Ironman World Championships


In the sport of Triathlon few names illicit the same reaction as Andy Potts. If you have ever been at a race with him, or have had the opportunity to talk to him, you will know why people regard him as “The Good Guy of Triathlon.” We here at INFINIT are proud to announce that Andy is now a part of Team INFINIT.

Andy’s career started as many great ones do: At the University of Michigan (Go Blue!)* Where he swam for four years and was a 6-time all American, while also competing on the Wolverines track team his final year of college. His multifaceted college career served as a springboard for him into the world of triathlon.

In 2003 Andy was the USA Triathlon rookie of the year and in 2004, Andy represented The United States at the Olympics after being a professional triathlete for less than 22 months. Three years later, in 2007, Andy won gold at the Pan-American games in triathlon, won Ironman 70.3 Worlds, and was award USAT’s triathlete of the year, an award he would win again in 2008.

On top of Andy's impressive athletic resume, through his team, AP Racing, Andy works with athletes to provide coaching solutions, professional support, and a tight-knit community to help push athletes to perform their best. With a custom blend by INFINIT Nutrition, Andy’s training and event will be fueled as efficiently as possible as he plans to add to his impressive record of 28 Ironman 70.3 championships and over 50 first-place finishes. 

Andy has had a long, and brilliant career, and continues performing at a high level, and INFINIT is glad to have him aboard. He Has Ironman World Championships and Challenge Aruba remaining this season and INFINIT is excited to fuel fim to the front of the pack.

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Lesley Smith - Professional Triathlete

Lesley Bike

1st Pro Female Ironman Austin 2014
2nd Ironman Louisville 2017
2nd Ironman 70.3 Boulder 2017
1st Pro at Challenge Knoxville 2015
2nd ironman 70.3 Raleigh 2017
3rd Pro Ironman 70.3 Boulder 2016 (4:19:12 personal best for 70.3)


Lesley Smith is a professional triathlete currently residing in Boulder, CO. She is also a triathlon coach and works part time for a local non-profit.  In high school, Lesley found success in cross country & track, which led to her attending the University of Missouri as a student athlete, competing on the track and cross country team for two years, while also earning a Bachelor of Journalism.

After working in the event management industry in Austin, TX for a few years, Lesley joined a triathlon group in 2010 and slowly but surely became more involved with the sport ..  and has not looked back!

Lesley was introduced to Infinit Nutrition in 2015 and has used the product ever since. “Their effective formulas that are also easy on the stomach and have been a crucial part of the training and racing puzzle”.

After finishing second in her first full Ironman distance race last year, Lesley’s main goal for the 2018 season is to qualify for the World Championships in Kona. Her other goals along the way is to enjoy the active lifestyle and journey as a whole.



Rudy von Berg - Professional Triathlete

Rudy Athlete Page

2016 IM 70.3 Miami - 2nd
2017 IM 70.3 Buenos Aires - 2nd
5 podiums in 70.3 races
Back-to-Back College Triathlon Campion


Rudy von Berg was born in Columbus, Georgia and at a very young age, his family moved to France where they lived until he was 19 years old. He came back to the United States to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. While there Rudy won Rudy graduated with a degree in corporate marketing in 2016, while racing triathlon at the professional level and winning two college titles in a row.

Rudy is now pursuing a career in triathlon which is his passion, and he has big dreams. Kona World Championships is his ultimate goal. To this point he has 5 podiums in 70.3 races, and many more in the non-draft Olympic races, and now it's time for him to win races, a lot of them. He is always getting closer to first place. His goals for 2018 and 2019 are to win his 70.3 races, and to be ranked in the World Top 5 and to continue to progress as a person and athlete.



Christine Cross - Professional Triathlete

CHris Cross Athlete page

2017 IM 70.3 Steelhead - 4th
2017 IM 70.3 Taupo - 5th
2016 Ironman World Championships - 13th AG
2016 IM 70.3 Steelhead - 1st OA Female
2015 Ironman Louisville - 1st OA Female
2015 IM 70.3 Hawaii - 1st OA Female


Christine Cross grew up swimming and ultimately swam for the University of Michigan. Upon graduating in 2009, she started cycling in her free time with no intention of racing. After one olympic distance triathlon and with virtually no run experience, the journey began!  She has since traded the frozen temperatures of Michigan for a warmer climate and is based out of Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.

While balancing her career in information technology, Christine raced her rookie professional season in 2017 and looks forward to building on the progress in 2018. With the help of the Infinit team, she has refined her custom nutrition blend and loves not only the simplicity, but the success she has had using her formula. "I'm able to train and race with formulas specific to my needs and the conditions of races and training environments. I like to keep nutrition simple and INFINIT allows me to do just that."

Christine’s family has been her strongest support system since she began competing in triathlon and she was finally able to toe a start line with her brother in 2017 and hopes to be able to toe the start line with family again in 2018 someplace around the world.  




Alycia Hill - Professional Triathlete 

2017 USAT Duathlete of the Year
2016 Duathlon National Champion
5th Place Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2015
3x 6th Place Ironman 70.3 Finishes in 2017


Alycia Hill is a 29-year-old from the Pacific Northwest area of Washington. She is currently completing her doctorate nurse practitioner at the University of Utah as well as racing triathlon professionally, with a half-ironman distance focus. Alycia is the 2017 USAT Duathlete of the Year and she won the 2016 Duathlon National Championship. “I enjoy competing in triathlon because of the welcoming endurance community and because every time I toe the line to race it is a chance to push myself beyond limits that I ever thought possible.” Her father is the one who originally introduced her to triathlon and it is something she has grown to love and has been blessed to share with him over the past few years, as well as her fiance.

Alycia has stuck with INFINIT for the last 4 years for two main reasons, “Firstly, because I have the ability to customize my formula, allowing me to create something that fits my electrolyte and caloric needs. Secondly, the fact that there are no added colors or sketchy chemicals makes me feel totally confident in the healthiness of the products.”


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Ryan Petry - Professional Mountain Biker

Ryan Athlete Page

1st - Leadville Silver Rush 50 2015
1st - Hammerhead 100 2016
7th - Leadville 100 MTB 2015 - 6:42
5th - Firecracker 50 2015


Ryan Petry is a professional cross country mountain biker, and is finding that he just loves anything that challenges his endurance. Beginning as a runner throughout childhood, discovering triathlon and Xterra while in college at Arizona State University, Ryan began to realize that his strengths on the bike really shined once the races got longer, steeper, and tougher. With this in mind he began focusing on endurance mountain biking in 2014, competing in races like the Leadville 100. Ryan began working with Infinit in 2016 when he realized that nutrition would be a crucial factor in his success. In 2016 he finished 7th at the Leadville 100 and has turned that confidence into dozens of wins and podiums in the toughest mountain bike races in the country. In 2018 Ryan is excited to continue exploring the most competitive endurance mountain bike races, but will also will be venturing into gravel races like Crusher in the Tushar, stage racing events like the Haute Route...oh and maybe jump into an Xterra too.

"In mountain bike races it can be almost impossible to eat and drink enough while navigating rocky, twisty singletrack. I love that I can get my calories and fluids at the same time. It gives my pockets more room for essentials and helps prevent littering. Not to mention no more goopy, sticky hands and pockets."

Less fumbling around, more racing.


AJ Baucco - Professional Triathlete 


Personal Best Ironman: 8:34
2017 Major League Triathlon Champion
2016 Major League Triathlon Champion
2014 Kona Beer-Mile Champion


AJ Baucco is an established long course professional triathlete from Cleveland, Ohio. He founded AJ Baucco Coaching, which has coached well over 150 triathletes in the last 5 years. He also manages three different age group triathlon teams; The Baucco Squad, TRS Racing, and Team INFINIT Performance.Over the years, AJ Baucco has become a premier triathlon coach. He has helped athletes achieve personal bests, stand on podiums, and even race world championship events. On the racecourse, AJ Baucco has achieved top results at every distance from super sprint to Ironman. Most recently, he was on the 2017 winning team for 6 different Major League Triathlon events, and 2 back to back series Championships.

AJ chooses INFINIT because when you are going ten-tenths in a race, it is hard to eat a bar or gel, so having an all-in-one nutrition plan tailored directly to him is perfect. AJ uses his custom blend during his workout and INFINIT :Repair after to keep him going fast and feeling good.


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Nick Chase - Professional Triathlete

Nick Bike

10 Years Active Air Force Member
2012 and 2013 U.S. Air Force Triathlon Team
21st at St. George 70.3


As a former active US Air Force member, and lifetime athlete, Nick Chase found that triathlon tesetd both his mental and physical limits unlike anything else.  During his time in the military Nick competed in variety of sports from soccer to powerlifting to kiteboarding.  After hitting his stride in triathlon nick decided to dedicate the majority of his time to training and competing.  Nick traded in his kite board for a new Cannondale bike and it was off to the races from there.  

Nick would go on to compete for the highly selective Air Force triathlon team where he was able to push himself against some of the best athletes in the military.  Today, Nick continues to compete in triathlon and has started his own coaching company for up and coming athletes.  Chase has dedicated his life to triathlon and trains with his now wife, and fellow Ironman competitor, Karen. 

“INFINIT took a leap of faith on me and I really had to sell myself, since the results aren’t world class (yet). Building custom blends, mixing MUD in my oatmeal and pointing athletes towards a product I actually use makes me extremely happy."


Check out an interview with Nick

View Nick's Custom Triathlon Blend




Amber Ferreira - Professional Triathlete

Amber Athlete Page

Ironman Lake Placid Champion 2014
2nd North American Ironman Championships Mont Tremblanc 2014
3rd Texas Ironman
2x National Snowshoe Champion 


Amber Ferreira is much more than just a professional triathlete. Amber is an all-around endurance MACHINE, an awesome coach and a physical therapist.  

Amber is a long-time member of Team INFINIT. Amber was a runner in college at Northeastern University and after college decided to look towards other sports, including triathlon and all other endurance running sports. Amber pushed herself to succeed in everything she competed in and always excelled at extremely long distance races.  During her 2014 season, when she won Ironman Lake Placid, she also took second place at Ironman Texas and Ironman Mont Tremblant AND was the United States Snowshoe Champion.

Amber has been using INFINIT products in every endurance event that she has entered and has continued to find success at the highest level.  “Setting up my INFINIT mixes was super easy and actually fun. It took only about 15 minutes and they were great. They treated me like all their other customers and did a nutritional consultation. I did not need any expertise, I just answered their questions and they did all the work for me. I was able to tweak my custom INFINIT formula for long course and short course racing to maximize my potential and abolish any GI issues.”


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Kayla Bowker - Elite Triathlete

Kayla Bowker Athlete Page

  • 2017 IM 70.3 CDA - 3rd AG

2016 Ironman Arizona - 1st AG
2017 Ironman World Championship Finisher
2017 IM 70.3 World Championship Finisher


Born and raised in Hood River, OR, Kayla Bowker is a small town girl at heart, with a desire for adventure. Kayla attended Gonzaga University where she obtained a Biology degree with a background in the human body.  She then spent a winter in Utah doing what every 22 year old wants to do, waiting tables and being a ski bum. Since then Kayla’s permanent residence has become Spokane, WA where she lives, works, and trains with her husband and doodle puppy.  

Kayla got into triathlon as way to find herself during a really rough patch in her life, “I remember riding my mom's old touring bike (with crotch rocket gears and a rack for backpacks on the back of it) in the middle of an Olympic distance race thinking, ‘this is the best thing ever.’  It allowed me to find  passion, faith, and strength in myself again.” Since then she has made it her mission to help others find that very same thing with the start of her blog Where Your Feet Take You and most recently her coaching business.  

“I started using Infinit two years ago and since then have come to love everything about it. It was the only product that really allowed me to chase my dreams without having to chase a porta potty.”

2017 saw some big things for not only her racing career but her professional career with the start of a new job at a law firm and the announcement of her coaching business.  In 2018 she looks forward to expanding both, the law firm and her coaching business, while chasing after some big goals within her racing career.  After crossing the finish line at Kona this past year she realized she had some unfinished business with Ironman and needed another crack at it.  Kayla promptly signed up for Ironman Texas where she is chasing a personal record and hopefully another Kona slot.  Within the 70.3 discipline Kayla is hoping to take her podium standings from third to first on a more consistent basis and work hard to continue to decrease her overall time.  

“I am really excited for the big things that are coming in 2018 and honored to have Infinit on board.”



Brittany Warly - Professional Triathlete

B War Bio

2016 USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Draft-Legal National Champion
USAT Top 100
Top 20 ITU World Cup


Brittany Warly is a professional triathlete, and an engineer/program manager living in Colorado Springs. She was introduced to triathlon her senior year of high school by a friend, and from there she fell in love with the sport. She started using the sport as a cross-training tool and then went on to play division 1 tennis at Santa Clara University. During her freshman year of college, she realized her heart was not in it.

Brittany then transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder and joined the club triathlon team. She went on to win the 2016 USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Draft-Legal National Championships. She started using INFINIT her freshman year when her college coach, Mike Ricci, introduced it to her during an Arizona training camp. She was suffering from cramping in the 110-degree heat and once she started using INFINIT, Brittany knew she wanted to use the product throughout her career.

Upon graduation in May 2016, Brittany moved to Colorado Springs to pursue the sport full-time at the professional level. She began training in a daily performance environment at the US Olympic Training Center with her now Coach, Ken Axford of PEAK Multisport and a few other athletes. She is eager to enter her second elite season with the experience of this first year under her belt. Her ultimate dream is to one day support myself solely off of the sport, and to qualify for the 2020 and/or 2024 Olympics.

“I feel fortunate to pursue what I love every single day and to be able to meet so many incredible people along this journey! I will continue approaching my life with a growth mindset, and with this mindset, I know that anything is possible.”



Maddy Frank - CAT 1 Mountain Bike Racer

2016 CAT 1 Michigan State Champion
2017 USAC XC Elite State Champion
2017 USAC MTB Nationals CAT 1, XC Top 15
2016 Iceman Cometh Challenge 2nd place Female


Maddy Frank has always loved the competitive spirit which is what drew her to mountain biking so quickly. “Growing up, I was so blessed to have been raised in such an active family with all cycling disciplines being introduced to me so young.” At 6 years old, she began BMX with her dad as well as a couple of his friends and immediately got hooked. At 10, she raced cyclocross and absolutely loved the atmosphere. The cowbells, spectators cheering so loudly that she couldn’t hear herself think, and she absolutely loved it!

A couple of years later, with competing in triathlons, criteriums, fat biking, and duathlons, Maddy kept a consistent race schedule with the Real Women Tri team (yes she does own four different styles of bikes). With all of these amazing experiences and family to push her along...she discovered mountain biking. From there Maddy took on being part of the Freewheeler Racing team which became a very pivotal time for her.  She was able to focus primarily on XC MTB Racing, work with great sponsors for the first time, learn from her teammates, focus on her training, maintain a busy race schedule and really push herself during my first USAC Nationals in Mammoth Lakes California as a CAT 1 rider.

The biggest win for her each year has been growing as an athlete and having so many new experiences in the unique sport of mountain biking. Whether the race was happy or devastating, it shaped her into the person/athlete she is today.  Maddy has embraced new opportunities, whether it was making smart tactics during racing or conserving her energy for last minute sprints to the finish line. Racing has become so much fun for her and impatiently waiting until school is over on Friday because that means race weekends with her teammates, sponsors, and family!  

Maddy has been with Infinit for 4 years now and loves her custom XC blend in the lemon lime flavor. She also loves to recover with the chocolate :REPAIR.



Justin Kreger - CAT 1 Mountain Bike Racer

Raced at 2016 US XC National Championships
2016 Cat 1 Michigan State Champ (U29)
2016 Midwest Regional Champion (17-18 Cat 1)
2015 MISCA State Champion (Varsity)
2014 Michigan Cyclocoss state Champion (Juniors)


At just 7 years old, Justin began racing his mountain bike in the local cross country races and Michigan Cup Endurance series and is now, at 17, a Cat 1 mountain biker.  He has competed in races ranging from super short, high intensity short track, all the way up to 12 hour long endurance races.  Mountain biking isn’t all the cycling he does, he has also raced in stage races such as the Valley of the Sun race in Arizona, road, crit, time trial, a few cyclocross races, and even does some track running.  Although he has dabbled in all these disciplines, he is currently focusing on shorter XC style mountain bike races. By focusing his training on the short races, he has finished 4th in a local Pro/elite race, racing the National Championship at Mammoth Mountain, and winning the Midwest Regional Mountain Bike Championships.

Infinit has been a godsend when it comes to the endurance mountain bike races, and I just started using a new custom mix for my shorter races this year and it has helped tremendously.  By eliminating the need to take my focus off the trail to eat or fiddle with gels, I am able to keep the hammer down and stay focused on the race.


Ginny Cataldi - Elite Triathlete

GINNY Cataldi Athlete Page

  2017 IM 70.3 World Championships - 5th AG
 2 x Kona World Championship Finisher


One day Ginny Cataldi woke up and realized she was not living the kind of life she wanted to be living. Her life was incomplete. Passionless. She knew she needed to make a change. As she was going through the motions to take control of my life she had a friend suggest that she compete in a triathlon. She didn't even know what it was, but reluctantly Ginny agreed. In college she was a swimmer and vowed never to get into a pool again. She had no bike, or ridden a bike since she outgrew her baby blue Huffy when she was 11, but she did dabble in running races.

With 2 months of “training” under her belt, Ginny competed in an Olympic Plus distance race.  “It hurt so badly, but I loved it.” As she neared the finish line she heard somebody yelling, “Here she comes! The first female!” Ginny did not really understand what that meant until she heard the announcer saying, “Congratulations Ginny Cataldi! Our first female finisher from Phoenxiville PA. With a time of….. ”  She was flying high, but not because she had won her first race. It was because she had accomplished something that made her feel alive and free. She had pushed herself to a place she never thought she was capable of. Her passion was born. She was happy, hungry and wanted more.  Finally, she saw a glimpse who she wanted to become.

“As I look back on how it all started (the 12 x’s 70.3 [most recently just placed 5th in my AG at Worlds] the 5x’s 140.6 [two of which were Kona and my most recent effort placing me in the top 10]) I vow never to forget my roots.”  She did not understand what living a life of fulfillment meant until she found herself through this sport.  

This year she’s hoping to race healthy, be faster and stronger,  get back to Kona and qualify again for the Boston Marathon. SHE BELIEVES that using Infinit will streamline her training, her racing and her recovery giving her better results and less to toy with. “[I’m]Looking forward to taking the guesswork out of nutritional needs and having THE ultimate plan.”




Jenn Lee - Professional SUP Racer

Jenn Lee

World Paddle Association World Ranking: 8th
SUP Racer World Ranking: 32nd
2017 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships: Mixed Gender Relay World Champions, 5th Overall Relay
2011 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships: 3 rd Stock Solo SUP
2013 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships: 8 th Solo SUP
2016 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships: 2 nd Mixed Gender Relay


In 2010 Jenn Lee picked up the sport of Stand-Up-Paddling as a mode of transportation to her job as a surf instructor in Waikiki.  Just months after she learned how to paddle she found herself placing 2nd in her age group at Battle of the Paddle, Hawaii.  From there she dove head first into the paddling scene by paddling the challenging, 40 mile stretch, solo from Catalina Island to Dana Point during a storm, and then followed it up 2 days later by doing it again as a 2 woman relay team and winning the division.  Three months later she came in 3rd in Molokai 2 Oahu's Solo Stock SUP Division.  Since then Jenn has competed as an elite level female pro SUP Race athlete and is 1 of only 3 women in the world to have completed Molokai 2 Oahu Solo SUP 5 years in a row.  

In 2018 she looks forward to getting serious in down winding and soloing longer distances.  She has also added in competing in OC1, Surfski, and 6 man canoe paddling which she absolutely loves.    

Outside of training and racing SUP, Jenn is an avid surfer, SUP surfer, surf and SUP coach as well as triathlon coach.  Her favorite part of her work is getting to teach surfing and SUP to those who serve others.  Out of the water Jenn holds an MA from UC Berkeley and enjoys helping rehabilitate sick and injured animals.    



Eric Engel - Elite Triathlete

3 Time Finisher at Kona Ironman World Championship
2 Time Ironman Coeur d’Alene 1st Place Men 25-29 Age Group
2016 Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 - 2nd Overall Amateur, 1st Age Group


Eric Engel grew up playing soccer her whole life. When he started college, he missed the competitive environment of soccer so he needed something to fill the void. One morning, he awoke to the sound of cowbells and cheering. As he wandered outside, Eric came to find IRONMAN Wisconsin going on. He had heard of IRONMAN, but didn’t know much about it. Seeing all those people out there, pushing themselves beyond their limits, truly inspired him.

The next semester he signed up for a Triathlon Training class through the University. It was a 2-credit class, two days a week. At the end of the semester he did a class triathlon (olympic distance). Soon after he signed up for his first triathlon and he was hooked from there. After cheering at IRONMAN Wisconsin that year, he knew he had to sign up. The day after the race he waited in line to sign up. “I may have been in over my head, but that’s okay!” 8 years later, he’s completed 11 IRONMAN races, including 3 trips to the IRONMAN World Championships.

He found INFINIT in 2014, while working for a local retail store in Delafield, WI.

“I started using the :GO FAR formula and the :REPAIR for my daily training. After a few months using :GO FAR, I worked with an Infinit formulation specialist to develop my custom formula. It took a few iterations to lock down what my body needed, but since then it's been great!”

Before INFINIT, Eric was using 12-18 gels + Gatorade during an IRONMAN. Today, he’s using 3-4 bottles of INFINIT instead. Simple!






Jacki Cronin - Elite Triathlete

Jacki Cronin Athlete Page

2017 IM 70.3 Muncie - 1st AG
2016 IM Wisconsin - 1 AG (24th Female)
2x Boston Marathon Finisher


Jacki grew up less than 10 minutes from the start line of the Boston Marathon, but she started running in 6th grade just because she loves running. Jacki ran cross country and track until her senior year of high school which was also when she ran her first marathon and qualified for Boston.

She turned 18 just in time to run Boston, but struggled with injuries for the next 2 years. Somewhere along the line she started biking and also taught herself how to swim. In 2014 she decided to sign up for her first triathlon, a full Ironman. Since that first triathlon in 2015 she’s completed 4 marathons, 1 ultra, 5 half Ironmans, 3 full Ironmans, and one DNF at the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona due to a major bike malfunction.

She has used Infinit :GO FAR for long weekend bike rides for most of the past 2 years, but in 2017 her boyfriend Eric Engel (another INFINIT Athlete) helped her get started with the custom blends as well as Infinit Repair. “Now I feel like I can't workout without them!”

This past year was crazy for Jacki, traveling all over the country back and forth for work and her training really fell off the bandwagon (or Airstream so-to-say since that's what they were living out of.) But from February-December of 2018, her and Eric will be on the road full time for work and are excited to have the chance to train all over the country and racing often! Despite always wanting to PR and punching another ticket to Kona, her biggest goal for 2018 is to really get back her passion for cycling and running!



Rowan Jones - Off-Road Triathlete/Endurance Athlete


2017 Team USA Member, ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship
1st Overall 2015 & 2016 Harmonie Trail Half Marathon
1st Overall 2014 Bound The Mound Trail Half Marathon
2013 XTERRA Midwest Regional Champion
1st Overall 2012 12 Hours Of Canal Loop Solo Mountain Bike Race
Rowan Jones is an endurance athlete and a United States Air Force veteran. After High School Rowan joined the USAF to serve his country and by the end of his service had become sedentary. Rowan, a high school basketball, baseball, track, and golf team member, decided he needed to reclaim his health and purchased a mountain bike in an attempt to get active again. His hobby quickly turned into a lifestyle.
As his fitness started improving he started competing in mountain bike races, half marathons, then on to full marathons, then half Ironmans, and full Ironmans. Although he has done quite a bit of road racing, he currently primarily races off-road.Rowan has thrived and has qualified for and run the Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and earned a spot on Team USA racing at the 2017 ITU Cross (Off-Road) Triathlon World Championship after qualifying at the USAT Off-Road Triathlon National Championship in 2016. Rowan is not only an athlete but a pilot, an avionics salesman, and a father.
Entering his third season as an INFINIT athlete Rowan chooses our products because “(they are) customizable, simple, effective, and allow you to concentrate on racing and training instead of worrying about when to take gels, bars, and salt tabs.”




Taylor Lideen - Professional Mountain Bike Racer

T Lid

2017 True Grit Epic NUE - 1st
2015 Big Mountain Enduro Series - 1st
2009 U25 24-Hour Solo World - 1st
2016 National Ultra Endurance Series - 3rd
2017 Moab Stage Race - 4th
2 x Top 20 at the Epic Rides Off Road Series

As a young freshman in high school, Taylor Lideen was passionate about moto-cross racing. His dad recommended riding local MTB trails to stay fit, and also to avoid driving 45+ min to the racetrack. After years of hearing the same thing, Taylor finally decided to give the whole “pedal bike thing” a try. After his very first ride on a neighbor’s old, beaten up trail bike, he was hooked.

In his early career, Taylor competed in down hill and gravity events. It didn’t take long to realize that with his body type and stamina, his true talent was in riding both UP and DOWN the hill. The 2014-2015 season introduced Taylor to enduro racing where he dominated the amature field, taking first overall in the Big Mountain Enduro Series. While he had great success in this discipline, he yearned for long days in the saddle, pedaling for hours on end… In 2016, Taylor decided to return to his roots of endurance racing and jumped headfirst back in to the game . In his rookie year as a pro MTB racer, he took 3rd overall in the National Ultra Endurance Series, with multiple top spot placings throughout the season at various events. As it turned out, this style of racing was where his heart lay.

In 2017, Taylor was introduced to Infinit Nutrition. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect because it was at this time when Taylor was desperate for relief from his long standing GI issues. After working closely with a local naturopathic doctor, Taylor created his own custom formula with Infinit. Now that his stomach and nutrition was dialed in, he could put more energy and focus on riding the bike.

This coming year, Taylor will be traveling across the US with his wife, Mary, in their converted Sprinter van to attend some of the nation’s top endurance, gravel and XC races. In addition to his racing schedule, Taylor also makes time to work with the local youth NICA teams. He works one-on-one to coach student athletes and also attends the team practices to continue to grow the next generation of mountain bikers.


Tyler Philips- Professional Mountain Bike Racer

T PHILP2017 – USAC Mountain Bike Nationals – Top 10 
2017 – USAC North Carolina State Championship – 2nd
2017 – Coastal Carolina Off Road Series – 3rd Place Series Overall
2016 – Coastal Carolina Off Road Series – 3rd Place Series Overall


Tyler Phillips grew up playing traditional sports like football or baseball, or whatever was “in season” like the majority of the kids around him. However, around 11 or 12 years old Tyler deviated from the norm and he started taking an interest in mountain biking. By the age 14, he was racing up and down the east coast seemingly every weekend. When he reached 18, he had started to get burnt out, college was on the horizon and he needed a break. That extended break lasted 15 years until one day a close buddy of his—who had recently gotten heavily invested into cycling—convinced him to race again. That’s all it took to reignite his competitive fire. From that day forward, he was hooked and quickly rode his way back into racing the Pro/Cat 1 field for cross-country mountain biking. Additionally, more recently he has become more interested in cyclocross.

He was first introduced to Infinit by my cycling coach as an alternative to some of the other “stuff” out there after he was suffering from stomach cramps and dry mouth during/after races or hardrides. From there he started trying other Infinit products such as the Repair and Raw. “I liked the fact that these mixes didn’t leave the lingering taste of chemicals.” In the warmer months, he likes to try to get creative with post workout smoothie recipes in order to spice things up.

Now that he is a father, he is more relaxed and most importantly having fun. He is aiming for a top 5 finish at Mountain Bike Nationals and he’d also like to make it to the 2018 Cyclocross Nationals in Louisville, KY.



Molly Roohi - Professional Triathlete 

Molly Athlete Page
6/23/17 – Kian Abraham Roohi was born! – (WINNING in life!)
2017  Black Diamond Half Iron – 2nd Overall
2016 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman – 5th Pro
2014 Ironman Louisville - 4th pro
2015 Patriots Half Iron - 1st OA
Molly has been running since she was eight years old. Not necessarily the fastest one on the team, but always one of the most enthusiastic, she ran cross country and track throughout elementary, middle, and high school. While a freshman in college in Manhattan, she saw television coverage of the New York City Marathon for the first time. Two years later she toed the line of that race with 35,000 other runners and has been addicted to endurance sports ever since.  

She began her career as a triathlete in 2008 after Molly, an avid marathoner by this point, was coaxed into it by her husband. She excelled in the sport, right off the bat. The first triathlon she completed was a 70.3 distance race in New Jersey. And after the success she had in her rookie race, she was hooked! Since then she has moved up through the amateur ranks, qualified for several World Championship races and earned her elite card allowing her to race as a professional triathlete. She is a USAT Level 1 certified coach and she teaches Health and P.E. when she isn't coaching amazing triathletes and runners.

Molly was introduced to INFINIT when she raced as part of the Maverick Multisport Team. She now runs her own team and helps train clients to reach their maximum potential. She uses INFINIT as a tool in her coaching business to help dial in each athlete's training and raceday nutrition strategy.

"When I developed my custom formula with INFINIT, I finally had everything I wanted in one bottle. Gone was the rudimentary chemistry, guesswork, and finger-crossing. With INFINIT I have my nutrition dialed in for race day."



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Josh Tostado - Professional Endurance Mountain Biker 

Tostado Athlete Page Image4x 24 Hour national Championship winner 
2nd Place at 24-hour Solo Worlds 2015
2x Winner of Montezuma's Revenge 24-hour solo Race 
1st place at Breck 100 from 2005-2010
4x 1st Place at 24 hours of Moab 


Josh Tostado is a one-of-a-kind athlete when it comes to endurance sports.  His first competition, Montezuma's Revenge, was a 24-hour bike marathon that Josh entered just to see if he could even compete. He would go on to take 4th place in a race generally reserved for only the most experienced riders.  Josh then won this same event the following two years and set records in 2007 for both distance and altitude, as he climbed riding 156 miles and going through 32,350 feet of altitude change in 24 hours.

 In his career, Josh has won the Breckenridge 100 seven times, making him the most decorated athlete in that event. Josh also is a 4-time 24-Hour Solo National Champion, placed 2nd in 24-hour solo worlds in 2015 and placed third in 2017.

Josh chooses INFINIT because, “(I) like to be able to make a mix how I want it, and because it works. I feel like I can perform up to my potential when I use INFINIT.” INFINIT is proud to have worked with Josh over the last few years to help him to continue to succeed in whatever race he decides to tackle.      


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Brian Gregg - Olympic Skier

Brian Gregg

NCAA All-American cross country skier
20 U.S. SuperTour podiums, 5 wins
2014 US Olympic Team Member Sochi
2014 U.S. Championships, 2nd (30k freestyle mass start)
Six NorAm Cup top-10 finishes
2013 NorAm Cup, Sovereign Lake Nordic, B.C., 1st (15k freestyle)

Brian Gregg grew up in Methow Valley Washington where took a liking to cross country skiing at a young age.  During an Outward Bound trip at the age of 15, Brian decided that his ultimate goal was to become a professional skier and compete at the Olympics.  After earning and academic scholarship to Western State College of Colorado, Brian decided to focus more on his training and transferred to the University of Alaska Anchorage. 

Brian was able to focus the majority of his time on his skiing and earned All-American status.  After celebrating graduation by climbing Denali with a few buddies Brian moved away from the mountains to Wisconsin to focus full time on his skiing with his new professional team, CXC.  In 2013, Brian and wife Caitlin started their own team in order to have better control over operations and training as well as allow for more flexibility in their travel schedules.   Brian has since gone on to live out his life’s dream of competing in the Olympics when he traveled to Sochi in 2014.  


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Caitlin Gregg - Olympic Cross-Country Skier 


Bronze Medal - 2015 World Championships (10km freestyle)
Competed in 2010 Olympic Games
5x US Senior National Champion
4x American Birkebeiner Champion
3x US Super Tour Overall Champion
NCAA All American Skiing and Running
Northern Michigan University  2004 


Caitlin Gregg grew up in Duxbury, VT where she got involved in cross country skiing during her early years of high school.  Gregg quickly learned that hard work and determination can out-do talent alone. Caitlin set her ultimate goal to compete at the winter Olympics and to represent her country.  In 2010, her dream became a reality when Caitlin earned a spot to compete for team USA at the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Gregg has achieved the highest level of success for nearly any cross country skier to compete from the United States.  Caitlin has won the American Birkbeiner ski marathon three times in her professional career, she is the only man or woman to win this race more than twice.  In 2015, Caitlin competed at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.  In the 10 km freestyle Caitlin took third place for the United States which is one of the biggest accomplishments, if not the biggest, of her skiing career.  Of the 1247 medals awarded in the World Championships history, the United States has claimed just 14.  

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