Maverick Multisport Elite Team

Maverick Multisport started in 2012 with 3 pros and 2 age group athletes. Maverick Multisport was created by Team Director Chris Hutchens as way for those 5 USA based athletes at the time to operate under the same banner and leverage the power of numbers in a team setting to help secure sponsorships with companies like INFINIT Nutrition. Maverick has been working with INFINIT since the team’s creation to create biking and running custom nutrition blends for all of their athletes.

Maverick Team ImageNow in 2017 the team has grown to include 5 pros (3 based in the USA, Lesley Smith, Jon Shearon and Rudy von Berg and 2 in Australia, Dan Wilson and Clayton Fettell) along with 48 age group athletes from around the world and currently has relationships with 18 international companies.

Maverick and INFINIT have been working together to improve the youth level athletes of triathlon.  Maverick provides young athletes with an opportunity to work with members of its Elite team in a mentor style program to improve not only their physical abilities, but also their mental strength and understanding of the sport. 

Maverick has continued to shine as an INFINIT team.  Not only have they shown continued success in a variety of events, but they have time and time again shown that creating a top tier team goes beyond just having a group of talented athletes.  Maverick’s continued support for their athletes, and the community around the sport of triathlon, has built a reputation that INFINIT is proud to be partnered with.

“Most of the companies and the products that we've had the ability to partner with over that time have been for the most part very easy to work with, with no major hiccups and ease-of-use. I can say that Infinit Nutrition has been the front in that department, one that we've never had any issues. We've had over 100 athletes on the product since we started and I can say we've never had a single issue with anyone adapting to or finding a blend that works for them. The beauty of Infinit, because of the customization feature, is it truly is able to be an adapted to meet an individuals needs whether it's adjusting flavor, sodium, calories or we can even make adjustments from race to race needs or hot vs cold weather nutrition requirements. There isn't another product on the market that can compete with Infinit.”
– Chris Hutchens, Maverick Team Director

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With over 40 wins per season over the past 6 years and & multiple state and national titles, the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo team is one of the best cycling teams in the US. INFINIT nutrition is partnered with the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team to provide them with all of their nutritional racing needs.

“The team has partnered with INFINIT Nutrition, a leader in the custom nutrition and hydration market, who understands the importance of fueling top level athletes for the long haul. Having their products and expertise as a resource will undoubtedly help our athletes achieve their best results. By strengthening existing team partnerships from 2015 and adding new technical partners for 2016, the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team is set to continue its winning ways when their racing season kicks-off in mid-February”.

The team had a strong 2015 season winning 33 races in the United States as well as claiming several NRC podiums.  The season included rider Fabrizio Von Nacher representing his team, and native country of Mexico, at the 2015 World Championships. One major component of the team that many of the riders appreciate is the variety of riding styles, backgrounds, and experience levels.  The team includes veteran riders that are able to pass down information and advice to riders that may have the raw talent to succeed but not the same mental ability that the older riders possess.

As the 2016 Season gets underway the team is expecting similar if not more success for their riders.  The roster includes Ulises Castillo (MEX), Shawn Daurelio (USA), Efren Flores (USA U23), Robert Freeman (USA U23), Cory Lockwood (USA), Brian McCulloch (USA), Joy McCulloch (USA), Duban Sanchez (COL U23), David Santos (USA), Fabrizio Von Nacher (MEX), Shawn Wayland (USA U23), Eder Frayre (MEX), Alfredo Rodriguez (MEX U23), Innokenty Zavyalov (USA).   

Obermeyer/MCS Suzuki

Keith Obermeyer of Obermeyer Suzuki and Rod Marshall of MCS racing have teamed up to create a top tier moto racing team, Obermeyer/MCS Suzuki.  The team is backed by sponsors including Suzuki and INFINIT nutrition as they compete in the most prestigious cross country series in the world. 

The team features riders Chris Douglas and Ricky Russell competing in the XC1 class for the 2016 Grand National Cross Country Championship.  With the support of a new bike and customized nutrition plan, as well as a buffed up training plan, Chris Douglas is aimed to have a break out season in 2016. Ricky, who has seen a great deal of success on the west coast racing in the XC2 division is poised to give the pro class championship serious contention.  This will be his first year racing in XC1 but with a crew behind him backed by strong race knowledge and experience should help propel him to the top.

The team also includes two riders from Indiana, Vince Smith and Duell Murphy.  These two riders will be competing in the Open A Class.  Mackenzie Tricker will be representing the WMX series as well as pursuing the podium of the GNCC series.  All riders on the team other than Mackenzie will be riding the championship winning Suzuki RM-Z450.  Mackenzie will be on the RM-Z250.  Along with bikes customized for reach rider the team is also backed by custom nutrition blends provided by INFINIT nutrition to help them stay fueled throughout the race.   


The Prochain cycling team is a top caliber developmental cycling program based out of Cincinnati Ohio.  Featuring some of the top riders for their ages in the country the pro chain team is incredibly competitive and gives riders a chance to push themselves at some of the biggest competitions in the nation including National Championships for a variety of different race disciplines.

“Infinit Nutrition has worked with ProChain to create specially blended formulas specific to our developing young men and women. The juniors use Infinit daily in their preparation, training and recovery. Learning about the benefits of proper nutrition, hydration, and rebuilding is a crucial part of learning how to be a complete bike racer.”

Since its inception more than a decade ago the ProChain Junior Development Cycling Team has remained faithful to its mission of teaching young athletes how to be bike racers, helping them understand how teamwork in road cycling makes everyone better, supporting them with logistics and equipment, and giving them the roadmap to bicycle racing beyond the Junior Ranks - be it regional, national, collegiate, domestic elite and pro, or international professional.

 The ProChain rosters features boys and girls aged 11 - 18 from the Ohio Valley Region. Its Alumnus include National Amateur Champions, National and National World team members, and many state and national level podiums. Former ProChain riders are currently competing on Domestic Elite, Domestic Professional, and UCI WorldTour teams. ProChain takes its name from the French term les prochaines meaning “the next” or the next ones.


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