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At INFINIT Nutrition, our commitment is to develop products that help our customers perform and feel better through customized nutrition solutions. We dedicate ourselves to customized product development for clients resulting in unparalleled professional partnerships.

We provide unsurpassed customer service and product quality.

We solve our customers unique nutritional needs with customized solutions that taste great and help them perform better.

We are dedicated to our community and making sure that we give back to those who have helped us to be who we are.

We commit ourselves to our employees and shareholders to be leaders in innovation and focused on our future.

The infinIT Team

Michael Folan - President ::
Michael, 45 an avid runner, mountain and road racer along with being a ten-time Ironman finisher with a PR of 10:14. He played NCAA Lacrosse and Hockey as a youth through College. Currently, Michael still runs Marathons, road and mountain bikes, the occasional adventure race, and still races Ironman distance Triathlons.

In my first Ironman race I had a great day because my nutrition was perfect. I rode a conservative bike and then ran a 3:22 marathon. I was shocked that it was so easy. Why? Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I had never been able to recreate the race I had that day. That's why we started infinIT Nutrition and began custom blending our own products. I was tired of guessing what works based on what other people or companies told me. The idea that one powder works for everyone is just plain silly.

  • 1986 Graduate of The Ohio State University School of Business
  • 2002-Present Member of the Flying Pig Marathon Board of Directors
  • 2006 Member of the Tri One0One Board of directors

    Kim Mueller MS, RD, – INFINIT Nutrition Staff Nutritionist ::
    Kim, a Registered Dietitian armed with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, tests her knowledge and skills daily out in the field.

    Hawaii Ironman qualifier, champion of the United States Track & Field West Coast 15k Championships and 2-time San Diego Track Club Female Runner of the Year. In 2007, Kim will be training for Comrades, a 54 mile ultra-marathon in South Africa.

    Kim should be activated before undertaking matters that require full nutritional analysis, endurance enhancement, weight loss and overall health enhancement.

    It takes determination, focus and willpower to compete let alone win. What most people take for granted is nutrition - the key to successful, safe training and race day performance. They assume they're getting what they need from their current, off-the-shelf products. They can now take their performance to the next level with the customized nutrition that infinIT provides.

  • Contributing Author – Triathlete Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Peak Running Performance, Fitness Runner, Her Sports Magazine
  • Sports Nutritionist &Women’s Team Chair – San Diego Track Club
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant - Team in Training, USA Fit
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant – University of San Diego
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant – Tri Club of San Diego
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant – Challenged Athletes Foundation

    Michael Keiser - Co-founder ::
    A 30-year medical sales veteran, Mike is the past president of two companies and the former director of physician education/training at U. S. Medical. He's a three-time, top 10 finisher at the Ironman World Championships, the U.S. National Ironman Champion, and a two-time Triathlon All-American.

    We've all suffered the consequences of mistakes in race day nutrition. It can derail the best-trained athletes - even the pros make mistakes. Getting it right isn't always easy. At infinIT Nutrition, we're dedicated to helping you get it right.

    David Friedrich - Chief Operating Officer ::
    David Friedrich's desire to understand the nutrition that fuels the body started over twenty years ago while learning the basics of human anatomy. This thirst for knowledge led his educational path towards a dual degree in Biology and Chemistry. This background prepared David for his career as a Cardiac perfusionist, where he has been on staff at the Cleveland Clinic for the past ten years. In David's free time he enjoys training at all levels, marathon and triathlons.

    Nutrition has always been my passion. You never know what our body's going to give us on any given day. Our bodies our amazing machine's that too many of us forget to fuel properly. At InfinIT nutrition, we make it easy to control your nutrition variable for consistent and repeatable results and allow all of us to achieve the next level.



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